Yandex Xnxx Mail: Definition, History, Features, Benefits, Advantages and Disadvantages
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Media Cirebon - The use of electronic mail, commonly known as e-mail, is currently very helpful for many human activities, especially in the field of work. There are now many providers of email services such as Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, and Yandex Xnxx Mail.

Yandex is an internet company in Russia that has successfully operated the largest search engine in Russia, with a market share of up to 60%. In the list of the largest search engines in the world, Yandex ranks fourth with more than 150 million users using this search engine per day.

Countries such as Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, and Belarus are some of the countries that use Yandex, including Yandex Xnxx Mail. As for Indonesia itself, Yandex Xnxx Mail is also an alternative email service frequently used by internet users. Here is the definition, history, features, benefits, advantages and disadvantages.

Definition of Yandex Xnxx Mail

Yandex Xnxx Mail is a free email service provider from Yandex, a popular search engine with a 1.53% market share worldwide. Like Gmail, Yandex Xnxx Mail is also a type of webmail or web-based email that can be accessed through a browser connected to the internet. This service is also available in a mobile app, making it more flexible and easy to use from a smartphone.

Yandex Xnxx Mail also supports Post Office Protocol (POP) so users can still access emails even when offline. This protocol is also known for its ability to use significantly less internet bandwidth. The POP in this service also uses the Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) so users can access emails from any device and from any location.

History of Yandex Xnxx Mail

Yandex Xnxx Mail started operations on June 26, 2000. In 2009, the company also launched the free service Yandex Xnxx Mail for a domain, allowing users to create 1000 email accounts within one domain. In 2010, an individual spam filter was added and an email translator was added in 2011. Initially, it was only for English and Ukrainian, and in 2016, 40 other languages were added.

In 2012, Yandex Xnxx Mail was the fastest growing and one of the 5 most popular email services in Europe with 25 thousand unique visitors per month. In 2013, email templates were added to Yandex Mail. Since June 2013, the service has had an email tag that distinguishes incoming emails based on type.

In September 2020, Yandex Mail 360 replaced Yandex Xnxx Mail for the domain. It is a combination of several services including Yandex Xnxx Mail, calendar, disk, contact and notes, messenger, and gives users 20 GB of free space.


Large Storage Capacity

All accounts in Yandex Xnxx Mail will receive a cloud storage capacity of up to 10 GB on Yandex Disk. That amount can be used to store more than 3 million emails and can still be upgraded if needed.

Good Security Features

Yandex Xnxx Mail is equipped with many good security features that enhance the security of its users. Here are some of Yandex Mail's security features:

  • Spam filtering: To prevent and filter spam emails that come into the inbox.
  • Built-in antivirus: To protect the account from phishing, malware, and other digital threats.
  • Pin and Fingerprint: To prevent unauthorized users from accessing the account you own.
  • Activity log: To detect suspicious activity on the email account.
  • Block sender: To block specific senders that are considered dangerous, suspicious, or annoying.
  • SSL/TLS connection: To support a very secure and encrypted cryptographic protocol.
  • Easily Create Automatic Reply Templates

Yandex Xnxx Mail allows users to save emails as templates and use them again at a later time. You can also add templates to automatic replies so you can easily reply to emails with just one click.

Easier Email Organization

In Yandex Xnxx Mail, users can manage all emails within just one folder or label. Another interesting thing is that you can search by folder or label.

Complete Customization Options

Yandex Xnxx Mail allows users to freely customize the interface according to their preferences. There is also a dark mode or dark theme to reduce power consumption on the device and increase comfort when reading emails.

Offline Email Access

Users can still view and write emails even when not connected to the internet. Yandex Xnxx Mail will automatically send messages when the network is back to normal.

Provide a Light Version

Yandex Xnxx Mail comes with a light version or HTML version that can be activated with just one click. It is a simple yet fast-performing version, making it suitable for slow internet networks.

Integrated with Many Yandex Services

A Yandex Xnxx Mail account is already connected to many other Yandex services such as Yandex Disk. With a cloud-based storage platform, users can send large files through email.

Benefits of Yandex Xnxx Email 

For Sending Messages

The function of Yandex Xnxx Mail is to send and reply to messages. Email is far more efficient compared to sending messages through paper. Even among all the message delivery media on the internet, sending messages through email is considered far more polite and formal.

To Have a Social Media Account

Although you can use a phone number to register on social media, registering with email is considered much safer. Even social media such as Facebook, BBM, Twitter, and others are more familiar with email as a way to register before also being known by phone number.

As an Identity

Given that all access on the internet currently requires personal data, email can be one option as an identity. In other words, when in the virtual world, email is the most easily used identity for communicating with others. It will be easy for them to contact you through the email address you provide. For some, email is even considered something that must be owned like an identification card.

Advantages of Yandex Xnxx Mail

There are several important reasons why Yandex Mail should be used and is better than other emails:

  • Safe: Protects against spam and fraud. There is extra security for accessing Yandex email by using a fingerprint and PIN.
  • Smart: The system will eventually detect the sender of the email or when you are actually sending an email, so there will be preventive action if it is considered spam and the email can also be managed to other folders that have been created.
  • Customization: The appearance of the incoming email can be changed to your liking.
  • Yandex Disk 10 GB: Users will get 10 GB of free cloud storage.
  • Timer: Emails can be sent according to the schedule that has been created. You just need to create an email and then specify the time and date of sending the email.
  • Customizable interface: Yandex Xnxx Mail can be a standard email client for you or in any other way you want according to the features available in Yandex.
  • One account: You can access all Yandex services with the Yandex email you have.
  • Unify your inbox: You can combine all Yandex inboxes under one Yandex Mail account.
  • Built-in antivirus: Every time an email comes in, it will be scanned.
  • Meanwhile, spam emails will go to the spam folder.
  • Simple Password Recovery: By adding a phone number, you don't have to worry when your account is locked because it can be easily changed back.

Disadvantages of Yandex Xnxx Mail

  • Yandex is more suitable for Russian language and Russian people.
  • There is still a lot of content that contains spam and violates the law.
  • Data index coverage is not as deep as Google.
  • The browser loading feels heavier compared to other browsers.
  • More suitable for the latest generation of smartphones and laptops.

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